🇫🇷My first exhibition
In France!🇫🇷


My first exhibition in France, as a guest of famous and wonderful artist “Noska”, last September (2023).
It was such a blast. Many people came, especially to the open evening, met wonderful interesting artists of all genre. I sold a few of my books and one mosaic. Was asked to teach and to add my work on different platforms. And what an honour that the mayor of the village and the local photographer also attended!
Overall, thanks to Noska, I am so glad I was given the opportunity to show people, and especially to those unfamiliar with mosaic, a beautiful and multifaceted type of art.


—-> *Exhibitions at The Art Center in Chorleywood (UK), every year for 6 years.

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—-> Exhibition at the Opera House in Cairo  (Egypt), organised by Saad Michaiel for students over the world.


Watch this space (!):

—-> *Exhibition at the “Salle des fêtes” of Loubès-Bernac (France)